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Update for migrate to fedora26

parent e002a66a
# ALPHA VERSION OF vipup Version 5
# How to upgrade your viperr 8 to viperr 9 :
#Update your system :
#dnf update
#Install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade :
#dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
#dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=24
#After it ,
#dnf system-upgrade reboot
#and wait, wait, wait....
spinner() {
local i sp n
printf ' '
while sleep 0.1; do
printf "%s\b" "${sp:i++%n:1}"
# Method to kill the animation :
killspinner() {
kill $pidspin
printf "\n"
echo " Before using this script please do that :
#Update your system :
dnf update
#Install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade :
dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=24
#After it ,
dnf system-upgrade reboot
#and wait, wait, wait.... "
echo "BEFORE using this script please do that :
there is a bug under slim 1.3.6-7.fc26 with complex passowrd
so if your password have complex accented characters like è,à or é please change your password.
Viperr team have the good fix and the rpm'll come with the Viperr10 release"
read -p "Are You ready to upgrade ? type yes in UPPER CASE : " yes
if [[ "$yes" = YES ]]
rm -r /etc/yum.repos.d/viperr*
dnf clean all
dnf -y install
dnf -y distro-sync
package-cleanup --cleandupes
package-cleanup --orphans > ~/orphans_rpms
package-cleanup --problems
dnf -y install lxrandr
sed -i 's/Fedora release 24 (Twenty Four)/Viperr release 09 (Vipera Dagon)/g' /etc/fedora-release
sed -i 's/Viperr release 08 (Vipera Azathoth) /Viperr release 09 (Vipera Dagon) /g' /etc/issue /etc/
if [[ "$yes" = YES ]] ; then
read "Your system'll reboot after a few moment, press enter to start the process"
echo "upgrade the system"
dnf upgrade -y --refresh
echo " install the migration tools" ; sleep 2
dnf install -y dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
echo "download your futur release base on fedora" ; sleep 2
dnf -y system-upgrade download --refresh --releasever=26
echo "upgrade your system to the next fedora, for your next viperr please wait us after this" ; sleep 2
dnf system-upgrade reboot
echo 'NAME=Viperr
VERSION="09 (Vipera Dagon)"
PRETTY_NAME="Viperr 09 (Vipera Dagon)"
PRIVACY_POLICY_URL=' > /etc/os-release
printf "configuring plymouth, please wait.."
spinner &
pidspin=$(jobs -p)
plymouth-set-default-theme viperr
echo " Your migration is over.
Verify the file ~/orphans_rpms and analyse it
If you want to have all new stuff : 2 solutions :
1) recomended : create a new user
2) own your risk : copy all files from /etc/skel/* to your home directory
Have fun
echo "Please Add this line in your ~/.config/openbox/autostart to activate corectly polkit
/usr/bin/lxpolkit &
echo "Please launch this commande to activate new screen panel :
sed -i 's/arandr/lxrandr/' ~/.config/openbox/menu.xmli
echo "Please Add this line in your ~/.config/openbox/autostart to activate corectly vp-screen
vp-screen -d &"
echo see you soon
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